Original Spanish Oviedo M1871 Remington Rolling Saddle Ring Carbine - Dated 1878

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Original Item: Only One Available. The Spanish Oviedo arms factory produced rolling block rifles under a patent agreement with Remington. There are a number of key indicators when identifying these rifles. The receivers are typically stamped on the right side with the Crown over ARO over the date of manufacture. The fore-end is also attached with a cross bolt just forward of the receiver. The rifles were chambered .43 Spanish Reformado, the proprietary national cartridge for the kingdom of Spain.

The breech block, hammer, and trigger guard are about .040 inch wider than the Remington counterparts and do not interchange. Also note the addition of a firing pin retractor in the top of the breech block. This is similar to the concept used in the Danish Rifles. The straight bar extractor usually has two down legs and the breech blocks show a double notch cut in the left side. The receivers will make a nice custom rifle keeping in mind the original cartridge chamber pressures. The Oviedo receivers & barrels are threaded with a V thread as opposed to the square thread of the Remington. Spain adopted the single shot Rifle in .43 caliber Spanish, known in Europe as 11.15 mm X 58 mm R9.

The rifle we offer here is a Spanish made Oviedo Saddle ring Carbine. The Crown over ARO is present , indicating that this is a Spanish-produced rifle made at the OVIEDO arsenal. The AR stands for Spanish King Alphonso "Rex", the Latin word for King. He ruled from 1874 to 1888, putting this 1878 dated rifle in the early portion of his rule. 

This carbine has a 22 1/2" barrel fitted with tiny Carbine flip rear sight and is 39" in overall length. The bore is in very good condition, with clear lands and grooves and no evidence of major corrosion. The action on the left side features an interestingly shaped saddle ring bar with floating ring for attachment to a cavalryman's body sling, allowing the weapon to be fired accurately with one hand while on horseback, the tension of the body sling acting as the left hand to secure accurate fire.

A very interesting Saddle Ring Carbine not often encountered today in all original very nice condition.

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