Original Spanish M-1907 Modello II Puerto Seguro Cavalry Parade Sword by WKC with Scabbard

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Original Item: Only One Available. Now this is something we haven't had before! This is a German-made Spanish Model 1907 Puerto Seguro Cavalry Sword (Espada Puerto Seguro Modelo 1907 Para Tropa De Caballeria), complete with its leather covered steel scabbard. The blade is unsharpened and entirely nickel plated, and the basket guard also was originally fully plated, indicating that this was a sword intended for dress or parade use.

By the early 20th century, it was recognized that cavalry swords were more effective as thrusting weapons rather than cutting weapons, and the cavalry swords designs of all the major powers reflected this. The M1907 Puerto-Seguro sword (named after his designer Captain Luis de Carvajal, Marquis of Puerto-Seguro ) was the last combat sword issued to the Spanish cavalry. It served not only in the North of Africa, but also in the Spanish Civil War (1936-39).

Regarding Spanish cavalry, the last massive charge was held in July 23rd, 1921, when the 10th Alcantara Regiment ( Cazadores a caballo ) was ordered to cover a disastrous retreat of demoralized Spanish infantry, some in ambulances, near Monte Arruit in Morocco. These repeated charges with sword in hand led to the ultimate destruction of the Regiment, of some 461 men, only 80 managed to survive. The sword involved was mainly the M1907 Puerto-Seguro.

As this is a parade example, it most likely never saw action in any type of combat, which explains the very attractive condition it is in.

The blade is marked on the ricasso with the double trademark Königskopf (King's Head) alongside a Knight's Helmet (Ritter-helm) logo of legendary German maker Weyersberg Kirschbaum & Cie of Solingen. This trademark is used on privately purchased and export blades in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and is absolutely correct for this sword. For more information please see J. Anthony Carter’s work GERMAN KNIFE AND SWORD MAKERS.

Condition is very nice, with the blade in great shape, with just a bit of wear to the plating. The basket is a bit worse, as it was not protected by the scabbard, so the nickel plating is somewhat degraded on the edges. The Spanish Cavalry coat of arms is still well retained on the basket.

The scabbard is also in very good shape, though the leather has shrunken a bit, so the drag of the scabbard has poked through the bottom of the cover. It has a lovely brown color, and will display quite nicely.

A very attractive sword from the last days of mounted cavalry, ready to display!


Blade Length: 34 1/2"
Blade Style: Single Edge w/ Fuller
Overall length: 40
Basket dimensions: 5" width x 5 1/2” length

Scabbard length: 35”

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