Original Spanish-American War 1893 Dated Spanish Army Officer's Sword Made in Toledo with Scabbard - U.S. Bringback

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is a wonderful example of a Spanish-American war era Spanish Army Officer's Sword with Scabbard, made by the world renowned Toledo Arms Factory. Toledo steel, historically known for being unusually hard, is from Toledo, Spain, which has been a traditional sword-making, metal-working center since about the Roman period, and came to the attention of Rome when used by Hannibal in the Punic Wars. It soon became a standard source of weaponry for Roman legions. Toledo steel was famed for its high quality alloy.

As with most militaries around the world, sword models came in different variations; officers, NCOs, enlisted and so on. This example is one made for Officer's, and was in many ways more a symbolic item than one for actual use by the Spanish American War. The etched blade measures 30" in length, but only has an edge for the last 2/3" of the length, as well as another on the spine for about the last 6 inches. The ricasso is marked Art" Toledo on one side, with Año de 1983, indicating it was made at the Artillería Fábrica de Toledo (Toledo Artillery Factory) in 1893.

If used, these were intended as a stabbing weapon, definitely not one that was capable of making grievous wounds with a slash. It has been told that these swords had an impeccable temper and could bend almost up to 90 degrees and return to their original form, though for obvious reasons we have not tested this out. The blade is slightly curved, though not so much as a cavalry saber would be. The blade is in very good shape, with no major edge nicks or damage, and shows a lovely aged oxidized patina on the etched portions, with more bright steel towards the tip.

The perforated three branch brass guard features an upturned quillion, and has a fold-down portion on the inner side, which does not quite function correctly anymore. The guard bears a lovely embossed Spanish coat of arms, and has a lovely matured patina. The grip is wood covered with shark skin, which is itself bound with brass wire. Currently there is a twisted pair of wire next to another strand, but most likely originally there were a total of four wires. There is definitely some wear to the grip, but it still presents very nice.

The 31 1/2” scabbard is in very good condition, and looks to be made from solid nickel alloy, or nickel plated brass, as it is definitely non-magnetic and made from a somewhat soft metal. It is still relatively straight, though there is a dent and a bend about 1/3 of the way above the drag. This does not interfere with sheathing the blade at all, and the exterior of the scabbard has a lovely lightly oxidized nickel patina. The scabbard still retains both of the original hanger rings.

A great addition to any edged weapons collection. Comes more than ready for further research and display.

Overall length: 35 1/2”
Blade length: 30”
Blade Style: Single Edged Saber with Spear point.
Basket dimensions: 5 1/2" width x 6” length
Scabbard Length: 31 1/2"

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