Original Soviet WWII SSh-39 Combat Helmet - Complete

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is something that is rarely seen! This is a genuine Soviet Russian WWII SSh-39 Steel Helmet, sometimes known as the M39, but properly termed the Stal'noy Shlem (Steel Helmet) Model 39. This helmet model superseded the previous SSh-36 (aka “Gladiator Helmet”), which was an antiquated design by WWII Standards. The SSh-39 was produced only from 1939 until 1942, when it was replaced by the SSh-40. With an incredibly short span of production, and the high numbers of material lost on the Eastern Front during WWII, this is a rather rare helmet to find on the market today, especially in the western hemisphere!

The SSh-39 was of simple, more modern design, and was much easier to manufacture than the SSh-36. The SSh-39 was the basis of the later SSh-40, which would be the standard design for Soviet helmets for the next 29 years, with only minor changes occurring during that time. It is also the design for the helmet on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Moscow. The helmet was produced primarily in three factories, the Stalingrad Tractor Factory (designated CT in the ink stamp), the Red October Factory (ЗКО) also in Stalingrad, and the Lysva Metallurgical Factory (LMZ). The first liner was an eight-finger leather liner, similar to those of the German M35 to M42 Stahlhelm designs. Next came a short production of an eight-finger liner made of Gralex. The final version of the SSh-39 liner was cloth, similar to the SSh-36 liner. All three variations of the liner were suspended from the helmet by three metal tabs, which were riveted to the shell near the top. This helmet, like the earlier SSh-36, saw action in numerous campaigns before it was phased out in 1942 in favor of the SSh-40. The SSh-39 continued to be worn throughout the rest of the war, alongside the SSh-40.

This example is an excellent specimen of a wartime manufactured Soviet Combat Helmet. Showing wear from honest use, patina from age and storage wear, this is a very sound specimen for a collector wishing to obtain an example of a WWII Soviet Combat Helmet.

The liner is intact with its original drawstring cord, artificial leather sweatband, and unbroken chinstrap. The exterior and interior still retains a high proportion of original Soviet ordnance paint which was repainted a few times, a common sight with these helmets. The front features a post-war applied Soviet painted star and insignia. The reverse rim of the helmet is marked “32616”. There is no date stamp, which is not uncommon. The lift side of the helmet liner tab is held to the liner by method of duct tape, a crude way to ensure proper display.

Comes more than ready for further research and display.

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