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Original Soviet WWII Era Order of the Red Star and Badges for Military Excellence Lot - 5 Items

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Original Items: Only One Lot Available. Awards and decorations of the Soviet Union are decorations from the former Soviet Union that recognised achievements and personal accomplishments, both military and civilian. Some of the awards, decorations, and orders were discontinued after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, while others are still issued by the Russian Federation as of 2021. Many of the awards were simply reworked in the Russian Federation, such as the transition of Hero of the Soviet Union to Hero of the Russian Federation, and Hero of Socialist Labour to Hero of Labour of the Russian Federation. A wide range of Soviet awards and decorations cover the extensive and diverse period of history from 1917 to 1991.

The items in this lot:
- Order of the Red Star (Both Numbered): The Order of the Red Star was given to Red Army and Navy personnel for exceptional service in the cause of the defense of the Soviet Union in both war and peace. Also awarded for 15 years of service prior to the creation of the long service awards.

Both are offered in wonderful condition but do not have their original securing discs on the reverse side, they are too big and fall off the thread post. The details are still crisp with fine enamel work.

- x3 Badges for Military Excellence: This is a lovely trio of genuine WWII era Soviet Badges for Military excellence. They were awarded primarily for military service, but also for sports, graduation and community participation. The badges were not only given to award service or achievement, but to inspire loyalty and patriotism to the Soviet regime.

The badges consist of:
- Excellent Submariner
- Excellent Signaler
- Excellent Cook

The lot comes more than ready for further research and display.

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