Original Soviet WWII Badges for Military Excellence - Artillery and Shooter

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Lot of 2 Available. This is a lovely pair of genuine WWII era Soviet Badges for Military excellence. The badges consist of an Excellent Artillery Personnel and Excellent Shooter. They were awarded primarily for military service, but also for sports, graduation and community participation. The badges were not only given to award service or achievement, but to inspire loyalty and patriotism to the Soviet regime.

The Badges In This Lot:
- Excellent Artillery Personnel: This lovely example dates to the mid to late 1940s and still retains the screw post disk, though it may not be original to the badge due to the irregular fit. The condition is good though there is some red enamel loss present on the lower portion of the white enameled center and the lower portion of the elongated shield. The badge was created on May 21, 1942.

- Excellent Shooter: This badge was awarded to Red Army soldiers who showed an outstanding level of accuracy in firing various weapons systems whether it be rifle or sidearm and the ability to quickly disassemble and assemble the weapons. The badge is in great condition and still retains roughly 95 percent of the enamel work. The screw post does not show any signs of repair and the disk appears to be original to the badge.

Both items come more than ready for further research and display.

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