Original Soviet Russian WWII RG-42 Hand Grenade - Inert

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Original Item: Limited Number Available. This is a totally inert BATF approved example of a Post -WWII era manufactured Soviet RGD-42 Grenade. Offered in very good condition. Original Communist Bloc/ Warsaw Pact/ Soviet manufacture. Various manufacturers, dates, and codes.

As numerous nations fell beneath the Iron Curtain, The Soviets armed their new allies with not only weapons, but the tooling and mechanical needs to produce them as well. They were often supplied with Soviet designs, and possibly even machinery, to produce arms.

The Soviet RG-42 (in Russian- Ручная Граната образца 42 года / Ruchnaya Granata obraztsa 42 goda) "Hand Grenade pattern of 1942 year" was a fragmentation grenade designed by S.G. Korshunov.

The grenade was originally introduced during World War II from 1942 onwards as an emergency measure to replace the complex RGD-33 grenade. Unlike the RGD-33, the RG-42's components were simple to produce and assemble. Only the fuze required specialized manufacture and the parts could be easily assembled by hand by cottage labor. Partisans often made copies of the simple design when out of contact.

It contained about 200 grams of explosive charge (TNT) in a cylindrical stamped-metal can. It used the 3.2 to 4 second UZRGM fuse, also used in the RGD-5, RG-41, and F1 grenades. The grenade could be thrown about 35–40 meters and has an effective blast radius of around 10 meters.

These examples are in very good condition, with the expected wear to the paint from service, as it looks like they may have been live grenades which were then converted to a trainer grenade. They have a great worn look, and both the spoon and the base of the grenade bear numerous stamped markings, some stamped over one another, making this a great research opportunity.

An excellent example of a classic Soviet Grenade, ready to display!

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