Original Soviet Russian WWII Model 1940 Display 50mm Mortar - 50-RM 40

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available.  This is a fantastic USGI bring back of a mortar that we have only ever have one example of previously. Demilitarized to BATFE specifications, this all-original rare WWII Soviet 50-RM 40 WWII inert display mortar is inoperable and fully legal to own throughout the USA without any type of license. It has a bore width hole in the tube, steel cross pins welded across the bore. The tube comes complete with an original base plate and adjustable bipod. There is even an original data plate on the bipod leg.

The 50 mm Model 1940 Company Mortar (Рота Миномет or Rota Minomet) 50-RM 40 was produced in large numbers and it was a popular and effective weapon that could be easily and inexpensively manufactured, as its base plate and bipod were simple steel stampings. The barrel reverted to the two-fixed elevation angles as on the Model 1938 and gas venting made range variation possible. The bipod was further simplified by incorporating a novel and simple method of cross leveling for laying which was so successful it was used on later and heavier mortars.

The Model 1940 was used widely and any that fell into German hands were turned against their former owners and officially designated the 5 cm Granatwerfer 205/3 (r). These were also captured by the Finnish during the "Winter War" and the "Continuation War",  and they designated them the 50 Krh/40


Calibre: 50 mm (1.97 in)

Barrel length: 630 mm (24.8 in)

Bore length: 533 mm (20.98 in)

Weight in action: 9.3 kg (20.5 lb)

Elevation (fixed): 45, 75, 82 degrees

Traverse: 9 degrees at 45 degrees, 16 degrees at 75 degrees

Maximum range (45 degrees): 800 m (875 yds)

Maximum range (75 degrees): 402 m (440 yds)

Bomb weight: 0.85 kg (1.875 lb)

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