Original Soviet Russian WWII M35 NKVD Interior Ministry Officer's Visor Cap - Size 57

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a very nice example of a WWII Era Soviet Russian NKVD Officer's Visor cap. This style of visor cap was Introduced by order of the People's Commissar of Defense of the USSR No. 176 of December 3, 1935.

The cap body is made of blue colored cloth with wine-red cap band. The square black visor is made of black colored Vulcan fiber. Black leather chin strap is attached with two brass buttons, one to each side which are pinned in place. The upper edge of the cap has raspberry-red colored piping made of wool, denoting service in a NKVD unit. To the front center of the Red colored cap band is a Soviet Red Star pinned in place. The star shows intact enamel works and is made of ferrous metal.

The interior of the cap is gray service cloth, with a gray oilcloth sweatband, which is in good used condition. There is a maker mark on the crown of the cap, however it is faded and not entirely legible. It is also in cyrillic, and all we can make out is Москва, for manufacture in the capital of Moscow. There is a size 57 below the maker mark as well.

An interesting and hard to find Soviet Visor cap from the WWII Period, ready to display!

More on the NKVD:

The People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs (Наро́дный комиссариа́т вну́тренних дел: Naródnyy Komissariát Vnútrennikh Del), abbreviated NKVD (НКВД), was the interior ministry of the Soviet Union.

Established in 1917 as NKVD of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic,[1] the agency was originally tasked with conducting regular police work and overseeing the country's prisons and labor camps. It was disbanded in 1930, with its functions being dispersed among other agencies, only to be reinstated as an all-union ministry in 1934.

The functions of the OGPU (the secret police organization) were transferred to the NKVD in 1934, giving it a monopoly over law enforcement activities that lasted until the end of World War II. During this period, the NKVD included both ordinary public order activities, as well as secret police activities. The NKVD is known for its role in political repression and for carrying out the Great Purge under Joseph Stalin. It was led by Genrikh Yagoda, Nikolai Yezhov and Lavrentiy Beria.

The NKVD undertook mass extrajudicial executions of untold numbers of citizens, and conceived, populated and administered the Gulag system of forced labor camps. Their agents were responsible for the repression of the wealthier peasantry, as well as the mass deportations of entire nationalities to uninhabited regions of the country. They oversaw the protection of Soviet borders and espionage (which included political assassinations), and enforced Soviet policy in communist movements and puppet governments in other countries, most notably the repression and massacres in Poland.

In March 1946 all People's Commissariats were renamed to Ministries, and the NKVD became the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD).

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