Original Soviet Cold War Era Inert 82mm O-881A Projected Recoilless Rifle Grenade

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a lovely example of the Soviet produced 82mm O-881A Projected Grenade measuring approximately 24 inches in length. This example is completely inert and is in compliance with the current BATF standards on inert ordnance. This grenade is completely void of any explosive content and cannot be rendered live again.

Not Available For Export.

This is an 82mm O-881A, a high-explosive (HE) fragmentation, recoilless, fin stabilized projected grenade and is also manufactured in North Korea with the same designation.

The O-881A projected grenade utilizes the Russian/North Korean 82mm mortar O-881 as its main charge but should not be confused as a mortar (not fired via a mortar tube) or projectile (no driving band). Upon firing, a flame from the percussion igniter cartridge passes through perforations in the propellant boom, initiating the propellant. When sufficient pressure builds up in the chamber of the weapon, the fiber disk is blown from the rear of the cartridge and the grenade is propelled into flight. On impact, fuze detonates the main charge.

This example retains much of the original OD green paint and has faint black stenciling. There is soviet arsenal stamping and marks in the tube and warhead.

This is a wonderful example of a hard to find piece of ordnance! Comes more than ready for further research and display!

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