Original Soviet Cold War Era INERT 82mm Mortar Round

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a totally inert/deactivated example of an 82mm Mortar Round. The device has no explosive filling or charges and cannot be rendered live again to be used as an explosive device. This is completely inert and in compliance with BATF guidelines on ordnance. Not Available For Export

The M-37 or 82-BM-37 is a Soviet 82 millimeter caliber mortar designed by B.I. Syazrin and accepted into service in 1937. The design of the M-37 is based on the earlier French Brandt mle 27/31 mortar with Russian modifications. The main difference between the 82-PM-37 and the earlier 82-PM-36 was the adoption of a round base-plate, revised traverse/elevation controls, simplified sights and spring-loaded shock absorbers on the bi-pod to reduce the amount of relaying needed between shots. It was designed to be able to fire western 81 mm captured ammunition whilst not permitting the enemy the same advantage The German designation for captured M-37 mortars was 8.2 cm GrW 274/2(r).

The M-37M is an improved version with lighter base plate and a device to prevent double loading.

It was produced in China by Norinco as the Type 53, in Egypt by the Helwan Machine Tools Company as the Model 69 and in Bulgaria by Arsenal as the M-82 Mod 1937.

We believe this to be a round for this mortar system, however we have not been able to identify this completely. The round measures approximately 28” in length and appears to be complete with the deactivated fuse with the original pull pin and tag present. There are some arsenal stamps and markings present, but none that we are familiar with. Much of the original paint has been retained, but it also does appear to have been repainted at one time. There is no extensive damage that we can find and all components are still able to be properly broken down for inspection of the interior.

This is a lovely example regardless and comes ready for research and display!
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