Original Southern Russian Hetman's War Axe from the Caucasus Area c.1830

Item Description

Original Item. Only One Available. A Hetman was a Military Tribal leader of great variety of Eurasion populations that stretched from Hungary in Eastern Europe right across the Ukraine, the Caucasus to the Southern Russian territories of what we now know as Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. These diverse peoples, who over the years practiced many religions, were fierce warriors who guarded the Silk Road trade routes from Europe to China.

This war Axe originated in the Ukraine / Caucasus region and was carried by the local military headman or "Hetman". Its wood haft of 23 1/2" is decorated with brass dome headed nails, with a brass bottom mount which has an IMPERIAL RUSSIAN KOPECK SILVER COIN mounted on the bottom, with a date of 1824 on it. The decorated head is iron, cast into an engraved brass housing. The curved face of the axe measures 3 1/2" by about 5" in depth.

The significance of the coin may very well dated back to to the Ancient Greek Myth of "KHARON", the Ferryman who transported the dead over the River STYX into Hades. This resulted in many people being buried with a coin in their mouths "to pay the Boatman". Should the Warrior die in Battle his passage money was easily available from the weapon he carried.

A most attractive and vicious War Axe from Southern Imperial Russia. Ready to display.
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