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Original South African Xhosa Tribe Style War Axe - Circa 1870

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Original Item: Only One Available. This relatively light War Axe comes from the XHOSA tribe of South Africa, but because of its simplicity could have been encountered almost anywhere on the Continent. Simple fabrication using a straight wood haft measuring 16" having a bulge to the top through which is mounted on a simple iron/steel axe head measuring 11" long with a cutting edge of just one inch. The head is angled in such a way that swinging it backwards also would be effective: a most versatile weapon.

The Xhosa Tribe are, like the Zulus to whom they are closely related, part of the BANTU ethnic group. All of these groups in the area were totally dominated by the Zulus throughout the 19th Century era.

Almost certainly a Campaign souvenir brought back to England by a Victorian Trooper in the late 1800s. Dating from about 1870 it is in original condition and ready to display.

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