Original Slovakia Pre-WWII Vz32 M32 Egg-Shell Steel Helmet with Eastern Front Markings

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a Czechoslovakian Vz32 Helmet which was reissued for use by the German Allied Slovak Army during the Eastern Front Campaigns of the Second World War. These helmets had a blue band painted around the base of the shell apparently to distinguish them apart from the Soviet forces. Slovakia fielded only two full divisions during the war on the Eastern Front, therefore original helmets are very scarce.

The M32 helmet or Přilba vz. 32, also known as M32/34, is a military steel combat helmet used by Czechoslovakia from its adoption in 1932 to its annexation by NSDAP Germany in 1939. The helmet was also used by the Slovak Republic and Finland among other countries.

The helmet is noted for its simplistic design compared to other helmets of its time, being described by collectors as a distinct egg shape. The liner contains five leather pads attached directly to the shell by means of a single split pin for each pad, and the leather chinstrap (canvas chin straps were also known to be used) attaching by the same means on opposite sides of the shell. The basic coloring of the shell was a greenish brown, post Second World War the helmets still being used would commonly be painted black and used with fire brigades and civil defense.

Unlike most helmets on the market today, this particular helmet still retains its original factory paint! It is important to note that although the blue band and other markings are correct for this helmet, we cannot fully confirm if they are replicated/repainted, so we are offering it as such.

All original components are still present and without damage. The liner is completely intact, and all original, though unfortunately one of the split pins is missing. The hardware for attaching the liner pad on is still present and you would only have to find an original pin to complete the look. The chinstrap is present and in solid condition.

This helmet is in wonderful condition and is worthy of being added to a collection of European Theater WWII items!

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