Original Set of Two U.S. Civil War Cavalry Sabers in Relic Condition - M1840 & M1860

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Original Item: One Set of Two Only. Just received out of an old collection, along with about a hundred other antique swords, many in similar condition. This is a set of the two primary Cavalry sabers used during the U.S. Civil War: the Model 1840 "Wristbreaker" Heavy Cavalry Saber, and the Model 1860 Light Cavalry saber. Both are offered in "Relic" condition, mostly intact but with condition issues from use and storage. Both come complete in their original scabbards.

The M-1840 Heavy Cavalry Saber in this set is unmarked except for SCHEID on the ricasso. Research indicates that this is a worn marking for German sword supplier W. Walscheid of Solingen, the legendary "City of Blades" in the mountains of Western Germany. Both the North and South imported large numbers of blades from Europe, and especially Germany. Many "export companies" were set up specifically for the Civil War Market, which is why information on the companies is somewhat hard to find today. This sword could have been used by either side.

It conforms correctly to the M-1840 pattern, with a flat blade spine. Condition is actually relatively good on this example, with a nice blade and scabbard. The main issue is that the grip is missing most of the leather, with the underlying cord and wire wrapping also gone.

The second sword is an M-1860 Light Cavalry Saber, produced by the principal Union contractor for swords during the Civil War, Ames Manufacturing Co. The curved 35 inch blade's ricasso is marked on one side with the Ames standard  address, which is partly faded, missing the top and bottom lines -

[Made by]

One the other side it is marked-


"C.E.W." are the initials of Civil War sword inspector Charles E Wilson, who worked at Ames and other suppliers during the war.

This sword is definitely in worse condition than the first, with a lot of surface oxidation on the scabbard and blade, and showing a lot of use. The grip is also missing all of the leather and wire wrapping, and at some point post war it was painted red for some reason, after the wood had already degraded somewhat. The handguard is also bent in somewhat.

If you were looking for a nice set of the two main types of Civil War cavalry saber to hang on the wall or over the door, these are it! Ready to display!

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