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Original Set of Two African Leather Wrapped Short Spears

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Original Item: One Set of Two Only. We just picked these up at an estate sale, and they really are quite nice, and would make lovely display pieces. Listed on the auction tag as "Pair of Ethnographic Spears", spears of this type are typical of various locations in Sub-Saharan Africa during the 19th century and earlier. This set is definitely old, but we unfortunately do not have any supporting provenance to give some idea when they were made. We assume the mid to late 19th century, after which they were probably brought home by some returning soldier.

The spears both measure approximately 31 inches overall, with 7 inch triangular blades. They are completely wrapped in rawhide and leather, which unfortunately over the years has degraded, so the spear heads are loose on both, with one held on by a leather wrapping added later.

These would make a great set of wall hangers. Ready to display!

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