Original Set of Three U.S. Civil War Era Army Officer's Swords in Relic Condition

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Set of Three Available. We received these out of an old attic collection, along with about 100 other swords. While some of the swords were in great shape, some were purchased pretty much to be wall hangers. This is a very nice set of three Civil War Era Officer's Swords, all without scabbards. All are in "relic" condition, however they are still quite displayable. As these were private purchase, the specifications could vary significantly, an they do not really conform to any of the "official" officer's sword patterns. Please consult the pictures for the finer condition and configuration details.

The best of the lot has a nice 34" inch slightly curved blade, which still has traces of the original etching, showing that it is indeed a United States sword, due to the U. S. in the etching. It measures 39 1/2 inches overall, and still have a very nice sharkskin grip, fully wrapped with twisted black wire. It has a relatively lightweight three branch guard, which connects to the pommel. The INTERIOR of the crossguard has a very attractive Federal Eagle, with thirteen stars surrounding the bottom of the grip.

The second sword is similar in design to the first, with a 32 inch slightly curved blade, and an overall length of 37 3/4 inches. The blade is marked MADE IN GERMANY, which was very common during the Civil War Era. The sword is far less ornate than the first example, with no etching or decorations on the guard. I also has lost almost all of the original leather on the grip, though the wire wrapping and corded underside support are still present.

The last sword is definitely the worst, and looks to be a battlefield pickup example of an M1860 Light Cavalry Saber. The blade shows significant oxidation, and the grip is entirely missing, with the tang visible. One of the three branches on the guard is broken off completely, so this is a sword with an interesting history, perhaps recovered from some battlefield long after the war was over.

A very nice set of three Civil War Era officers swords, ready to research and display!


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