Original Set of Three U.S. Civil War Era Army Officer's M1860 Dress Parade Swords in Relic Condition

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Set of Three Available. We received these out of an old attic collection, along with about 100 other swords. This is a very nice set of three Union Officer's Model 1860 Dress or Parade Swords, as issued during the Civil War. One of the three comes with a scabbard, and all are in "relic" condition, however they are still quite displayable. As these were private purchase, the specifications could vary significantly.

However, they all would have a "shell" shaped outer guard with a U.S. Eagle on it, with three flags/banners on each side. The pommel would also have a U.S. Eagle on the same side, and the grip would be protected by a decorated D-shaped handguard. The inner side of the sword would either have a minimal guard. or a fold-away "shell" guard. Both types are represented in this nice group.

The first example in this group measures 35" overall, with a 30" blade, which was originally nicely etched and nickel-plated. Unfortunately the plating has degraded and the blade now has rust in a lot of areas. This is the only one of the three that still has a maker visible: Oak Hall Clothing Co. / Boston Mass.. This was a retailer, who most likely purchased and etched raw blades from other source. The grip is quite nice with intact leather, though the wire wrapping is broken, with a minimized inside guard.

The second sword measures 38" overall, with a 31 1/2" needle shaped blade, which is marked faintly with M're Imp'le de Chât't / G. Creugé Entreprenneur. This indicates manufacture at the French Arsenal at Châtellerault, and then it was sold by a French company to the United States. This was quite a common practice during the time period, especially for private purchase blades. The sword has a lovely black horn grip, which shows lovely age checking, though the wire wrapping is gone. This example also has the inner "fold-away" guard, which allowed the sword to rest comfortably against the hip. There is also a very good amount of gilding remaining on the guard, making this a very attractive example, with a lovely French blade.

The final example of this set is the only example that still retains its scabbard. The sword measures 35 1/2" with a 30" blade, which originally etched and possibly gilt. There is still a bit of the etching visible on the blade. The grip still has the original leather wrapping, however it was painted black at some point, and the wire wrapping is missing. It has the minimized inside guard, and the D-guard has a soldered repair. The scabbard is the usual steel with brass fittings, and shows a lot of age, but is still solid.


Three absolutely genuine U.S. Civil War Model 1860 Dress Parade swords, offered in very nice relic condition.  Each comes with a small tag indicating where it was acquired, with some basic information. Just out of an old collection, but read to display!

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