Original Scottish Brass Barrel Flintlock Blunderbuss by Grice - Circa 1760

Item Description

Original Item: One-of-a-kind. This is certainly one of the more interesting Brass Barreled Flintlock Blunderbusses we've ever seen. Made by WILLIAM GRICE of LONDON who worked from 1740-1780 this slim swamped 15-inch brass barreled blunderbuss has an overall length of 30 ½ inches.

Stocked in beautifully figured walnut mounted with lightly engraved brass mounts, this weapon even retains the original brass button tipped ramrod with iron worm, making this a truly beautiful and elegant weapon dating from 1750-1770.

The oval brass escutcheon on the topside of the "small" or "wrist" of the stock bears the inscription:


Also engrave along the barrel is:


Research reveals that Alexander Speirs was a wealthy tobacco importer that had his estate at ELDERSLIE HALL outside Glasgow, Scotland during this period of history. It was only a few years after the 1745 Uprising of the "Pretender" Charles Edward Stuart (commonly remembered as Bonnie Prince Charlie") who was finally quelled at the horrendous "BATTLE OF CULLODEN" in 1746. It is very interesting that Alexander Speirs chose to confirm his loyalty to the British Crown by placing the inscription "GOD BLESS KING GEORGE" along the barrel making this a fine King George the Second era Flintlock Blunderbuss with true Scottish loyalist connections.

Ultimately it was an inspired idea remembering that the British were ruthless with those supporting or even suspected of sympathizing with the rebels.

This is a fine King George the Second era Flintlock Blunderbuss with Scottish Loyalist connections.

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