Original Scottish 18th Century Touch Hole Pick for Flintlock Pistols and Muskets

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available We never really think about it much, but in the 17th and 18th and to some degree in the 19th Centuries, the quality of Black Gun Powder was very touch and go. The qualitu of mixes were very haphazard, resulting is a lot of fouling, etc with burnt residue. Actions became clogged and certainly in the case of flintlocks, touch holes accessing the powder charge in a loaded musket became very congested. This resulted in the need for a touch hole pick which every musketeer carried. By the close of the Victorian era in 1901 powder was was far more stable and reliable so these problems ceased to exist. Nevertheless all shooters needed to keep the firearms operational and therefore Touch Hole picks were an absolute necessity.

Here we have an 18th Century Gentleman's Touch Hole Pick of Scottish manufacture. Made on the lines of Scottish Daggers and Skean Dhus, these were with metal or silver mounted and engraved with wood panels of ebony or Bog Oak in the Scottish tradition. The instrument operated much like a pen knife but a thin spike not a blade folded out to render service in clearing the small touch hole of a Scottish Flintlock Pistol or possibly Musket.

Beautifully made clearly for a Gentleman and perhaps 250 years old. Fascinating and ready to display next to your Scottish Pistols!

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