Original Scale Replica U.S. Civil War 6 Pound Bronze field gun with Carriage and Accessories

Item Description

Original 20th century produced scale Model: Only One Available. This is most attractive, a high quality scale model of a U.S. Civil War era Union SIX POUND Field Gun. It has a a gold colored (intending to portray bronze) 14" barrel mounted on a full wood and steel field carriage with 10 1/2" spoked wheels. Overall length is 34" with trail bar installed, and 26" without.

The carriage has two ammunition boxes filled with faux Cannon Balls, which are mounted on the carriage trunion. The Cannon even comes with its Water Bucket for swabbing out the hot barrel before reloading a fresh charge.

A most appealing model, if only it was the real thing or just dated from that period. Ready to Display.
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