Original Russian WWII Soviet TMD-B Wooden Anti-Tank Box Mine (Inert)

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Extremely rare and nearly impossible to find on today's market!  The TMD-B was a simple rectangular Soviet wooden box cased anti-tank blast mine, used during the Second World War. It was developed before the start of the Second World War and is simply a wooden box filled with explosives, with three raised boards on the top of the box, the central one being hinged. The central hinged board is locked into place by a strip of wood inserted into a groove that runs along the edge of all three boards. When enough pressure is applied to the top of the mine the boards collapse onto the plunger of the MV-5 detonator, triggering the mine. A fabric carrying handle is typically fixed to one side of the mine. It was normally painted olive green, gray or white.

One problem with the mine was that when it got wet the hinged board would tend to swell making it difficult to disarm the mine, this issue was addressed in the TMD-44 mine, which had a bakelite fuse cap, but was otherwise identical. Also, as the wood in the mine rotted, it could drastically reduce the activation pressure needed. The mine has been copied by a number of other countries, including the Chinese Model 1951, the North Korean ATM-72, and the Yugoslavian TDM-1 and TMD-2.

This example is painted OD green with white stripes on the edges, and is in good condition, having been completely deactivated. It still retains the three boards on top, with the center one being hinged, as well as the thin wooden strip that allows the fuze to be viewed. There has been some deterioration in the wood, especially on the bottom. The fabric carry strap is present, but has broken. The interior has been filled with some cement to add weight to the mine.  It is marked in paint on the side in Russian Cyrillic Letters (we tried our best to read them):

Т М Д - Б
15 - 1 - 59

There are also additional markings under the hinged board: 15 / N 10 59. The TMD-B was replaced by the TMD-44 in 1944, so we are fairly certain the numbers are not dates, but arsenal control numbers or information on the explosive charge.

These are extremely rare on the market, as they readily deteriorated once deployed. Fully inert and ready to display!

Specifications (as Issued):

- Weight: 9 to 10 kg
- Explosive content: 5 to 7 kg of TNT or Picric Acid
- Operating pressure: 200 to 500 kg
- Length: 320 mm (12.6 inches)
- Width: 290 mm (11.4 inches)
- Height: 160 mm (6.3 inches)

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