Original Russian WWII RM-38 Soviet 50 mm Light Infantry Display Mortar - Dated 1939

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This fine example is totally non-functional and inert having been demilled according to specifications outlined by the BATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives).

Serial number N257, Dated 1939 with original adjustable bipod marked 52-M-822. Offered in very good condition, with clear markings, complete base plate, and replica display mortar round.

The RM-38 was a Soviet 50 mm light infantry mortar, developed as a variant of the M1938 120 mm mortar. The barrel was clamped at two elevation angles only - 45 and 75 degrees. Range variations were made by altering a sleeve round the base of the barrel. This sleeve opened a series of gas ports which bled off exhaust gases and so determined the range.

The project was deemed overly complex and expensive, and was only produced for a short time, before being replaced by the Model 1939. Despite the small number produced, some fell into German hands in 1941, who introduced them as the 5 cm Granatwerfer 205/1(r).

The RM-38 or 50-RM 38 (50-mm company mortar model 1938) was based on the Stokes mortar. It was further developed as the RM-39 and RM40.

The Red Army of the USSR divided mortars into company (RM) battalion (BM) and regimental (HM) mortars. Development of a light 50mm company mortar started in 1937. The RM-38 was approved for use in 1938 and entered production in 1939. In the space of just over a year RM-39, RM-40 and RM-41 replaced each other in succession. RM-41 remained in production until 1943, when the USSR decided to cease making 50mm mortars. Only RM-41 was new design the others being incremental improvements of the original RM-38.

This model saw widespread use by the USSR in World War II. Captured in large numbers they were also re-used by the Finns and Germans. After World War II the USSR supplied them to North Korea and Vietnam.

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