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Original Russian Soviet KPV-14.5mm Heavy Machine Gun Barrel Assembly has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 1 reviews.

Original Russian Soviet KPV-14.5mm Heavy Machine Gun Barrel Assembly

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Original Item: One Only. This is remarkable, a genuine Soviet KPV -14.5 Heavy Machine gun barrel Assembly in truly excellent condition, probably dating from around 1970 or 1980, however still in current use today all over the World where Russia still exerts influence.

The KPV-14.5 heavy machine gun (KPV is an initialism for Krupnokaliberniy Pulemyot Vladimirova, in Russian as Крупнокалиберный Пулемёт Владимирова, or КПВ) is a Soviet designed 14.5×114mm-caliber heavy machine gun, which first entered service as an infantry weapon (designated PKP) in 1949. In the 1960s, the infantry version was taken out of production because it was too big and heavy. It was later redesigned for anti-aircraft use, because it showed excellent results as an AA gun, with a range of 3,000 meters horizontally and 2,000 meters vertically against low flying planes. It was used in the ZPU series of anti-aircraft guns. Its size and power also made it a useful light anti-armour weapon on the BTR series of vehicles and the BRDM-2 scout car.

This 53" long, 14.5 X 114MM ventilated Barrel Assembly comes complete with its original steel storage breach cover, it's carry handle and it's large steel flash hider. The bore looks truly excellent but a bit dusty with the odd cob web. This is one bore brush we do not have unfortunately. So we offer an excellent Soviet KPV MG Barrel Assembly, ready to display. Weighs approx 50lbs.

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