Original Russian M1910 Brass Maxim Display Machine Gun with Brass Sokolov Mount

Item Description

Original Item: This is an M-1910 Imperial Russian smooth water jacket Maxim gun reassembled from original parts as a totally legal BATF approved non-firing display gun.

It originates from the Russian maxims lost in battle to the Finns during the Winter War of 1939-1940. The smooth jacket models are very rare and were made to replace the all brass water jacket Russian Maxim Gun known as the M1905.

Very swiftly it was realized that a fluted jacket of thinner gauge metal was easier and less expensive to manufacture and in fact had more structural integrity. Consequently the M-1910 smooth jacket guns were obsoleted and replaced with fluted jacket models. The Russians (Soviets) went on to use the "fluted" guns right up until the end of WW2.

The very first wheeled Sokolov mounts were all steel, however, brass was easier to work and during WW1 brass mounts were extensively produced for that very reason. Once hostilities ceased and urgency was not the question the new Soviet administration, for cost cutting purposes, returned to the less expensive all steel Sokolov mounts.

Here we offer, not an M-1905 nor do we offer an all brass M-1910, we offer an early steel smooth jacketed M1910 that has had the water jacket brass plated in an attempt to simulate the most attractive earlier model.

We have added a new made fusee spring cover in brass which bears replicated WWI wartime markings with a 1914 date and we have replaced the steel feed tray with a brass version to bring this display gun as close as we are able to the legendary all brass maxims of pre-WW1 Imperial Russia.

We are not trying to fool anyone, as these are pre-WW1 Maxims, just not constructed from solid brass jackets. To enhance the display we have found some original WW1 era solid Brass Sokolov Mounts which have had all the paint removed from the brass to make the whole presentation that much more compelling. Remember Brass or steel construction meant nothing at the time as everything was painted in military colors.

We also include a Sokolov mount shield, WWI ammunition can and a WW2 ammunition belt.

So we offer the most striking brass and brass finished Imperial Russian M1910 Maxim Display Gun that will look like solid gold in any office or man cave.

History of the Russian Maxim Gun:

The PM M1910 (Russian: ??????? ??????? ??????? 1910 ????, Pulemyot Maxima obraztsa 1910 goda or "Maxim's machine gun model 1910") was a heavy machine gun used by the Imperial Russian Army during World War I and the Red Army during Russian Civil War and World War II. Later, the gun saw service in the Korean War and the Vietnam War, and some have been spotted in the recent War in Donbass.

It was adopted in 1910 and was derived from Hiram Maxim's Maxim gun, chambered for the standard Russian 7.62×54mmR rifle cartridge. The M1910 was mounted on a wheeled mount with a gun shield and was replaced in Soviet service by the SG-43 Goryunov, which retained the wheeled and shielded carriage, starting in 1943. However, production of the Maxim did not end until 1945. In addition to the main infantry version, there were aircraft-mounted and naval variants. Some were fitted with a tractor radiator cap fitted on top of the water jacket to allow handfuls of snow to be packed in to melt while firing.

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