Original Russian Cossack Migulet Musket Signed and Dated 1792- Rare

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is a special find, and not to be confused with run-of-the-mill Ottoman or Middle Eastern guns.

This is a high quality smooth bored musket, measuring 47" in overall length. The unique style of wooden stock is of Black Sea design and bears mother of pearl inlaid panels that are decorated and bear inscriptions including a date of 1792.

The stock also bears other decorative inlays, and brass wire designs. The barrel has been enhanced with lovely carved fluting and is inlaid with silver designs and there appear to be two-barrel maker proofs at the breech directly in front of the engraved rear sight and barrel tang. The wood butt is somewhat squared with sharp edges, the trigger is typically Cossack, of brass ball design and construction mounted in a Mother of pearl trigger plate. There never was any provision for a trigger guard.

The Migulet lock is typically Balkan or Southern Russian in design and is constructed from both brass and steel. The left side has two brass sling swivels and two decorated brass bands and an extended brass nose cap secure the barrel.

The full length ramrod is absent but has been replaced with a 33" wooden dowel which indicates that the ramrod was intended for traditional use in this musket 33" barrel. The iron foresight has an ivory blade.

This is seriously a truly interesting and quality weapon of Cossack origin originating in Southern Russia, what is now the Ukraine. The unknown script really needs to be translated but the inclusion of a date in "Western numerals" is typically Russian as they used Western numbers with their Cyrillic writings. A high quality Cossack Migulet long gun, signed and dated 1792.

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