Original Russian 1910 Maxim Gun Sokolov Wheeled Mount - Dated 1912

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Original Item: Only One Available. In 1996 we contracted with the Government of Finland to buy a quantity of Russian M-1910 Maxim Machine Guns. Each came on a wheeled SOKOLOV mount.

These guns had been captured by the Finns from the Soviets in their thwarted invasion attempt now known as "The Winter War of 1939-1940"

Over the past 18 years we have sold off most all of the guns as parts sets or non-firing display machine guns both with and without wheeled mounts. The result is that we have a few extra mounts remaining. Amongst these we have discovered some very early mounts of which this one is about the oldest.

The circular crosshead is dated 1912 in large numerals and the mount comes with just about all the distinctive early features including:

1) The front carriage is cut to have two folding front legs that are no longer present (officially removed).

2) The crossbar at the front is fluted, an expensive feature quickly obsoleted.

3) The mount still retains the SPIRIT LEVEL in place. One of only three we have ever had.

4) First model wheels with reinforcing splines around the hubs.

5) Carriage has original brass, introduced in 1914, rear flap dated 1915. Rear flaps were soon gone.

6) Carriage retains front feet locking handle on the right side.

7) The "saddle" on which the turntable sits is all steel and has the 1st model cutouts on both sides.

8) The mount is all steel with the exception of the later rear flap in brass added in 1915.

9) Carriage retains the saddle release lever for quick adjustment later obsoleted.

10) Both the retaining ring bolt and the cross bar bolt have early elaborate fingerplates.

The mount comes complete with the original serviceable spare lock box and other that the absence of the two front legs, easily refabricated, is the earliest M-1910 mount we know of and is compatible the earliest Russia M-1905 Brass Maxim Machine Gun among all later models.

An exceptional mount direct from a government source which IMA purchased in 1996.

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