Original Revolutionary War French Charleville Model 1763 Musket

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Original Item: Only One Available. The Charleville muskets were .69 caliber French muskets used in the 18th century and 19th century. Marin le Bourgeoys created the first true flintlock weapons for King Louis XIII shortly after his accession to the throne in 1610. Throughout the 17th century, flintlock muskets were produced in a wide variety of models.

In 1717, a flintlock musket for the French infantry was standardized for hunting. This became the first standard flintlock musket to be issued to all troops. While it is more correctly called a French infantry musket or a French pattern musket, these muskets later became known as "Charleville muskets", after the armory in Charleville-Mézières, Ardennes, France. The standard French infantry musket was also produced at Tulle, St. Etienne, Maubeuge Arsenal, and other sites. While technically not the correct name for these muskets, the use of the name Charleville dates back to the U.S. Revolutionary War, when Americans tended to refer to all of the musket models as Charlevilles. It should be noted that the naming of these muskets is not consistent. Some references only refer to Model 1763 and later versions as Charleville flint lock muskets, while other references refer to all models as the Charleville. The Charleville musket's design was refined several times during its service life.

After the Seven Years' War (in North America often known as the French and Indian war), the French infantry musket was redesigned, resulting in the Model 1763.

The barrel was shortened from 46 inches to 44 inches, and the octagonal breech plug featured on earlier models was replaced with a more rounded design. The stock's distinctive "cow's foot" butt was modified with a much more straightened design. The ramrod was also given a more trumpet shaped end.

Though shorter in length, the Model 1763 was designed to be heavier and sturdier, and weighed over ten pounds. A total of 88,000 Model 1763 muskets were produced.

This example has a lock plate nicely marked CHARLEVILLE has all iron mounts with three barrel bands and a 38" barrel in .65 smooth bore. The cock (hammer) was replaced during the period of service with one from a British musket of the period (typical Colonial repair). Many of these 1763 arrived in the Colonies before and during the Revolutionary War and were issued to the Continental army.

This particular example was found in upper New York State in "sleeper" condition.

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