Original Rare U.S. WWII OSS Philippine Guerilla Machete with Dahl Style Blade & Leather Sheath

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Original Item: Only One Available. These are quite rare, and this is the first example that we have offered for sale! We have seen these variously described as "survival" and "field modified" machetes, but the true story is far more interesting!

According to the book U.S. Military Knives, Bayonets and Machetes, Book III by M.H. Cole, these machetes were sold and distributed by the Cruver Manufacturing Company. The blades were supplied by the famous Collins company, while Cruver supplied and fitted the handles and leather sheathes. Both the machete and scabbard were completely unmarked so as not to divulge the country of origin.

These were said to have been made for the OSS, to be used in the Philippines by Philippine Guerilla troops being trained in the United States. These troops were to later be inserted into the Philippines by parachute or submarine, and the "Dahl" style blade was definitely more familiar, and would also not easily be traced back to the U.S.

These machetes are also mentioned in the book Fighting Knives by Frederick J. Stephens on page 116, and illustrated in plates 585, 586 and 587 on page 116. The book states that these are rare American OSS machetes somewhat similar to a Burmese Dahl sword. It goes onto describing the machete and ending in the statement "As is usual with Special Forces equipment, both the machete and scabbard are sterile having no manufacturer, unit or War Dept marks". Examples of this machete are also known to have been included in USAAF survival kits, more than likely for USAAF units conducting operations over jungle areas.

This example is in very good condition, definitely showing use from service. The bakelite / plastic handle is in great shape, with light wear and no major damage. The blade shows a bit more wear, and definitely has been sharpened several times after use. Interestingly, the tip of the blade is squared off , and not pointed like other examples we have seen. It is also about 1 1/2" inches shorter. Normally we would think this is because the tip had broken, but it fits perfectly in the scabbard, which also has a flat tip, with no sign of modification. We have seen others in this exact configuration. Definitely worth further research.

A very interesting OSS Machete from WWII, ready to add to your WWII edged weapon collection and display!

Blade Length: 14 1/2”
Blade Style: Burmese "Dahl" with Flat Tip
Grip Length: 6”
Overall length: 20 1/2
Scabbard Length: 15” with 6" belt loop

The OSS (Office of Strategic Services) was formed by the US Government during World War II, as an intelligence agency that was tasked with performing and coordinating espionage activities behind enemy lines. The agency was the predecessor of today’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The OSS not only coordinated and assisted local resistance fighters in many theaters of WWII, but also provided weapons from time to time. Some of the more commonly known OSS weapons are the single shot “Liberator” .45 ACP pistol and the “Sterile Drop Knife”.

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