Original Rare U.S. WWII Anti-Axis "KING" Bowling Pin with Benito Mussolini Caricature

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is an extremely rare WWII anti-axis "KING" bowling pin, made by the Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co.. These 15 1/4 inch tall pins were made during the WWII era so that people could "bowl over the Axis powers", or something to that effect. These were all produced for an bowling alley in Indiana, and only about 150 of these were originally made, with very few still known to exist.

Three versions of these bowling pins were made, with caricatures of the major leaders of the Axis powers painted onto them. These included an Anti-German version with A H and a Swas on it, an Anti-Japanese version with General Hideki Tojo on it, and this, an Anti-Italian version with Dictator Benito Mussolini on it. The caricature is definitely not flattering, with a scowling expression on Mussolini's face, fat lips, and a protruding unshaven chin.

Condition is very good, especially considering the age. There is some wear, mostly to the decal on the back with the manufacturer information. Over time the decal has cracked and checked, which has caused pieces of it to flake away. Underneath, the original color of the paint can be seen.

These are exceedingly rare, with such a small number made. Less than 20 are thought to exist today. Age has matured the paint wonderfully, giving it an impossible to duplicate look. Ready to display!

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