Original RARE U.S. Indian Wars Model 1872 Cavalry OFFICER’S Saber by Springfield Armory (1 of 2,476 Made!)

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available This is a fine example of an incredibly rare Indian Wars Model 1872 Cavalry Officer’s Saber made by Springfield Armory. Springfield Armory only made 2,476 pattern 1872 cavalry officer’s sabers between 1873 and 1902. They are extremely hard to find.

Adopted in 1871, production did not start until 1873, and quantities were only intermittently produced from 1876 to 1902 (with 4 early samples and just 102 in 1876 and then none until 1880.) Commercial versions by Lilly and other companies are common by comparison. This one is in superb condition, with lots of gilt finish on the brass and a mirror blade with vivid etching.

The pommel cap has deep foliate borders and a pebbled ground with a Union shield facing forward with crossed sabers beneath, specifically marking it for use by cavalry. The black fishskin grip and twisted brass wire binding are in excellent condition, in place and tight, showing no wear. The branches have deep foliate designs inside and out. The counterguard facing the grip is decorated with an eagle clutching arrows and olive branch on a striated sunburst background with a lower border of thirteen stars. The facing side is filled with the same striated sunburst pattern. The leather washer is in place under the guard.

The blade is mirror bright with vivid etching and frosting. Patterns at Springfield varied somewhat over time. On this the obverse shows a geometric floral device at bottom with a trophy of arms and flags above, surmounted by scrolling floral motifs above and below an American eagle with raised wings, all terminating in an Arabesque spearpoint. The reverse is etched “U.S. / Armory / Springfield / Mass.” in a frosted cartouche with rounded top and bottom. Above that stands another trophy of banners and spears on a rectangular base with scrolling vines above, leading to an etched “U.S.” in Old English. An openwork vines scrolls around a central spear that points up to the same sort of frosted Arabesque spearpoint finial finish to the panel as on the other side. The edge and point are immaculate. A very small portion of the tip is broken off, which thankfully, does not detract from the outward appearance of the saber.

The brass mounted steel scabbard shows a little bit of gray here and there to the plating but is smooth and bright overall, with lots of gilt remaining on the brass drag (which is inspector stamped “S.W.P.”), throat and carrying ring bands. The bands bear deep foliate designs harking back to the guard branches and the drag shows a sunburst of rays echoing the ground of the counterguard.

This is a superb example of a hard-to-find regulation U.S. cavalry officer’s saber made at a national armory. With less than 2,500 ever being produced, they don’t get any better.

Approx. Dimensions:

Blade Length: 33 3/4"
Blade Style: Single Edged Curved Saber with double Fullers
Overall length: 39 1/4“
Basket dimensions: 5" width x 4 1/2” length
Scabbard length: 35”

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