Original Rare Swiss Mannlicher Model 1893 Straight-pull Carbine in 7.5×53.5mm Swiss - Matching Serial No 1972

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. The Swiss Mannlicher Model 1893 Carbine was a straight-pull carbine designed by Ferdinand Mannlicher for use by the Swiss cavalry troops. It features a bolt that is almost identical to that of the Mannlicher M1890 Carbine and Mannlicher M1895 rifle aside from the shape of the cocking piece. The carbine was only made in small numbers, with about 7000 being made.

This example is in very good condition, with a great look, and only moderate signs of age and use. Serial number 1972 is present on the receiver, bolt, nose cap, and magazine floor plate. Some parts, such as barrel bands, do not usually have serial number markings. We would consider this to be an "ALL MATCHING" example. There are also Swiss proof marks on many components of the rifle.

The receiver is marked by manufacturer S.I.G. NEUHAUSEN, one of the premier arms manufacturers in Switzerland. This abbreviation is often read as "S.J.C." or "S.J.G.', but is definitely for Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft (Swiss Industrial Company or SIG). The company had previously produced Vetterli Rifles marked by their name in French, Société Industrielle Suisse. The company still exists today as SIG Combibloc Group, still in Neuhausen. Records indicate that SIG made about 4200 of these carbines, with production in 1894-1896.

The rifle cycles securely, with a very satisfying "clunk-click", though it can take some effort to move due to the design. The safety on the left side of the bolt functions correctly, as does the bolt release on the right side. The magazine itself looks functional, though we have no way to test the feed system. The button on the front of the trigger guard allows the magazine to be removed for servicing and inspection.

There are multiple Swiss Cross proof marks on the metal components of a gun, which are in very good condition, with much of the original finish present. The markings have also been highlighted for easier viewing. The bolt is still bright steel, and the bore is in excellent condition, with a bright finish and crisp lands and grooves. There are not really any signs of the carbine having been fired much during service.

The stock is in very good original condition, and does not look to have been arsenal refurbished. There are the expected small dents, dings, and other wear from being carried in service. There are still visible swiss proof marks in areas, and the wood has a lovely glow. There is even some nice figuring on the bottom of the butt stock. There is some cracking and a chunk missing hear the rear of the receiver, but no other damage noted.

Overall this is a very attractive carbine, which will look great in any collection. Ready to display!

More on the Mannlicher Model 1893 Carbine

he Swiss military was in need of a cavalry carbine for their mounted units, so they tried shortening the existing Schmidt–Rubin 1889, but its action proved to be too long to be effective to maneuver with while mounted, so the Swiss government began trials for a new carbine. Two turning-bolt designs were submitted by SIG, a turning-bolt and a straight-pull design were submitted by Ferdinand Mannlicher, a modified Mauser design and a straight-pull design by Vogelsang and Krauser. The Mannlicher straight-pull design was chosen for its compactness.

It was carried by side sling swivels and didn't feature a bayonet mount. These carbines were supposedly hated by the Swiss soldiers as they were hard to field strip and their bolts were hard to disassemble. Many were intentionally smashed during drills, so today combined with their small manufacture number they are quite rare. It was later replaced by the Schmidt–Rubin Model 1905 Cavalry Carbine.

The M1893s were never meant to fire more potent GP11 ammunition and should never be fired using it.


Years of Manufacture: 1893-1896
Caliber: GP90 7.5×53.5mm Schmidt-Rubin
Cartridge Type: Centerfire Cartridge
Barrel Length: 22 inches

Overall Length: 39 Inches
Action type: Straight-pull Bolt-Action
Feed System: 6 Round Box Magazine

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