Original Rare Korean War Era Chinese Type 31 60mm Inert Display Mortar with Bipod, Sight in Case, Base Plate & More - Matching Serial 8143 - Vietnam USGI Bring Back

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Set Available. Deactivated to BATF specifications and is totally inert and incapable of firing a round. The firing pin has been removed from the base cup, a bore width hole made in the side, and a steel bar welded across the muzzle per BATF requirements. Not Available for Export.

This is an extremely rare Korean War era Chinese Type 31 60mm Mortar, which was basically a copy of the U.S. M2 60mm mortar. This was of course itself a licensed copy of the French Brandt Mle 1935 mortar system, a very robust design which inspired mortar designs around the world. The mortar was used by both the Nationalist and Communist side in China during the revolution, and we believe this example was made during the Korean war era.

This mortar is a USGI Bring back from the early advisory period during the Vietnam war, and was captured circa 1964 and then brought back to the U.S.. Many of the weapons used by the Viet Cong were supplied from Communist China, and the Type 31 mortar was still in use at the time. Older examples such as this were often chosen for shipment to Vietnam.

It is marked on all piece with Chinese characters, and the Barrel, Base Plate, Bipod, Optical sight, and even the case for the sight are marked with matching number 8143. The cases for the sights are extremely rare, and matching sets such as these are very rarely seen on the market. It even comes with an original oiler, as well as the firing pin and the section of the tube that was removed as part of deactivation. This is definitely the first example of one of these mortars that we have had, and it is definitely a great example.

Our non-firing display Mortar is offered in excellent condition, with lots of markings to research and explore. Unlike many offerings, this has an original tube, demilitarized to BATF specifications, with a bore-width hole in the side and welded-in cross pin. The base cup is also original, and the bipod is fully functional.

This would make a fantastic part of any ordnance collection, as well as a great part of any Korean or Vietnam war collection. Ready to research and display!

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