Original Rare Japanese WWII Set of Two 1942 Dated 37mm Inert Artillery Rounds - One Rifled & One Smoothbore

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Set of Two Available. Now these are rare! Here we have a very nice set of two Japanese WWII production inert 37mm artillery rounds. They have been fully deactivated per BATF specification. Both are dated with a stacked 十七 (17) next to (Showa), for production during the 17th Year of the Showa Era, or 1942. The longer round measures about 12 inches long, while the shorter is about 10 1/4 inches long. These were used in the Type 1 and type 94 37mm Anti-Tank guns, as well as the Type 11 37mm Infantry gun.

One of the inert rounds has a longer yellow projectile, with a more elongated shape, and a brass obturating ring on the bottom. The shorter round has a more blunt projectile, with a brass rifled obturating ring on the bottom. Both are in great shape, and would make excellent display pieces!

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