Original Rare German WWII Waffen-SS Zeltbahn Tent Quarter & Poncho in Oak Pattern A Camouflage

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. The German Zeltbahn or Army Tent Quarter was a multi-purpose piece of German army regulation equipment that was issued to Wehrmacht soldiers during WWII. This piece of camouflaged material could be combined with three other to make a proper tent, or other quantities to construct shelters of various sizes, it was also used for camouflage, as a poncho or even a stretcher. This example comes in the very attractive reversible German Waffen-SS Oak Pattern A pattern, with most of the original aluminum buttons still present.

The Zeltbahn 31 was developed in 1931 and found its origin in the square Reichswehr tent. It was made of a water repellent material called Makostoff and is imprinted with a variety of camouflage patterns, known in general as in general as Buntfarbenaufdruck (colorful print). This example is marked with the Waffen-SS specific "Oak Pattern A" (Eichenlaubmuster) camouflage, which was in use 1943–1945. This pattern was based on the earlier Platanenmuster (Plane Tree Pattern) used 1937–1942.

This example shows moderate wear, with some tears around the edge, as well as some torn through grommets and patched repairs. The camouflage shows fading as well due to the wear, but is still very attractive. We were not able to find any markings, but this is definitely an original WWII example. It is complete aside from missing buttons. Ready to display!

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