Original Rare German WWII Panzer Tank Orterkompaß OK 38 Compass by W. Ludolph in Display Case

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Original Items: Only One Available. This is a very nice example of a German WWII Panzer Tank Orterkompaß OK 38 Magnetic Compass by W. Ludolph of Bremerhaven, Germany. The compass is made mostly of bakelite, with a metal top bracket, which is marked with OK 38 and the maker name, as well as the contract information. The rear of the compass has a fully legible data plate, which gives further information on the maker and contract:

Orterkompaß OK 38
Gerät Nr. 127-123 A-1 Anforderz. Fl 23234
Werk Nr. P2571 Herst: Ludolph

The design of the compass was very similar to those used by the Luftwaffe, which is why the "Fl" designation is used in the order designation. It incorporated magnetic field correctors to compensate for the magnetic field of the vehicle. The compass measures 4 1/4 wide and 4 3/4" tall, and is in very good condition. The internal oil liquid is a bit dark, but still present, and as far as we can tell it still points to north, spinning quickly.

This type of compass was used on mid-war produced German Panzer tanks, and looks to have been mounted on a plate or pedestal on top of the turret, where the commander could see it, and where it would be least influenced by the magnetic profile of the tank. Factory drawings from June 1944 show it on the Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf. E tank. Unfortunately period photos showing the compass mounted to a tank or the pedestal it mounted to are not to be found.

The wooden display case is very well constructed, with dovetailed joints, with a lovely red stain on the outside. It measures 6" Square with a height of 3 3/4". The OK 38 fits into the top, and is not secured by anything, so it can be removed by simply turning it upside down.

An incredible piece of German WWII Tank History, ready to display on your desk!

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