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Original Rare German WWII Luftwaffe 1st Pattern Green Step-In Fallschirmjäger Paratrooper Smock by Rudolph, Hubert & Co. - dated 1942

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Original Item: Only One Available. Just acquired from a very well-curated Luftwaffe collection, this is an incredibly rare 1st Pattern Luftwaffe Green "Step-In" style smock, as used by the Fallschirmjäger Paratroopers. These were worn over the standard field uniform, and were intended to insulate and protect the soldier on their way down to the earth, which could often involve encounters with trees, brush, and other obstacles. The color is a lovely stippled green color, only used on these early smocks, and this is what gave the Fallschirmjäger troops their nickname, "The Green Devils".

The smock is in very good condition, and looks to have only seen light use during the war. It does however show some repairs to the front, particularly on the right chest area, which is where the Luftwaffe Eagle insignia is. It is possible that it was defaced post war, and then restored later using parts from another smock. The piece of fabric is the correct pattern, but definitely from a different maker or dye lot. The eagle insignia is woven to the same material background, and is original to the attached fabric. There is another smaller repair on the lower left, which is covering a tear in the fabric. 1st Pattern smocks are exceedingly rare, with fully intact examples selling for almost double what this smock is being offered for.

These were only produced for a short time, as by the end of 1941 the Luftwaffen-Splittertarnmuster (Splinter pattern) camouflage was introduced, replacing the stippled green color. Later patterns would also do away with the "step in" design, and either just have a coat, or at times a full suit was used.

There is a maker marking stamped by the front zipper on the left hand side:

Rudolph, Hubert & Co.
2 A. 4.'42

We assume that the "'42" is a date, though we are not sure what the other letters and numbers under the maker name indicates. That is quite late for a 1st Pattern Smock, and may be part of why it looks to have seen relatively light use.

The main closure is a very nice ZIPP brand zipper, which, which were purpose built for this style of smock, and in excellent working order, with a burgundy leather pull tab. The smaller accessory zipper opening on the right lower portion of the main closure is a RAPID brand zipper with a leather pull tab, as are the two side zipper openings for accessing internal pockets. The 4 exterior pockets all have the same RAPID brand zippers as well. The snaps are all intact and marked PRYM, including the snaps on the main closure, as well as both the inner and outer sleeve cuff closures. All snaps and zippers function as intended, though they may require some lubrication after all these decades.

A fantastic opportunity to add a very rare piece of German Fallschirmjäger Paratrooper material to your collection. Ready to display!

Approximate Measurements:
Collar to shoulder: 10.5"
Shoulder to sleeve: 21.5”
Shoulder to shoulder: 18.5”
Chest width: 21"
Waist width: 19"
Front length: 65.5"

The Fallschirmjäger were the paratrooper branch of the German Luftwaffe before and during World War II. They were the first German paratroopers to be committed in large-scale airborne operations and came to be known as the "green devils" by the Allied forces they fought against. The Fallschirmjäger were very effective when used in commando style raids. The Fallschirmjäger were famous for their willingness to give every effort unwaveringly even in the grimmest of situations. The Fallschirmjäger were seldom used as parachutists. Instead, they were prized for their combat abilities and frequently acted in a "fire brigade" role as roving elite infantrymen. Throughout World War II the Fallschirmjäger commander was Kurt Student.

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