Original Rare German WWII Holster for Hungarian Femaru 7.65mm P. Mod 37 Pistol by Kern, Kläger & Co. - dated 1941

Item Description

Original item: Only One Available. This is a scarce German made canvas & leather holster for the Hungarian WWII contract Femaru (FÉG) P. Mod 37 Semi - Automatic pistol. These were ordered during the WWII period for police and officer use, and saw service alongside a multitude of other 7.65mm / .32ACP pistol designs.

This example is in good service worn condition, showing a lot of staining and grease on the canvas body. Many of these were in service post war with police units for many years. The closure strap is unfortunately missing, and the magazine pouch stitching has started to pop due to dry rot. This could most likely be repaired with some re-stitching and replacement leather.

The back of the leather belt loop is marked and dated cdc / 1941, for manufacture by  Kern, Kläger & Co. of Berlin. This company was known for making holsters, map cases, ammunition pouches, and other similar items.

A nice service worn example of a rare Hungarian made pistol holster, ready to display along with your Femaru P. Mod 37 pistol!

The FÉG 37M (Femaru P. Mod 37) is a Hungarian semi-automatic pistol based on a design by Rudolf Frommer. It was an improvement over the earlier Frommer 29M. It was made in 2 chamberings. The .380 ACP (9x17mmSR) chambered version was used by the Hungarian Army, while the .32 ACP (7.65x17mmSR) version was supplied to Hungary's German allies during World War II. The former, was known in Hungarian service as the M1937.

The latter, in German service during World War II, was known as Pistole 37(u), pistole M 37 Kal. 7,65 mm or P37. The main difference between this and the other variants is that the "German" version had a manual safety (which the Hungarian issue did not have) and was marked "Pistole M 37 Kal. 7.65" and the FEG code "jhv" and date, along with the Waffenamt markings. Though it was produced under more strain due to the rate by which they wanted them produced, it was still a reliable pistol. 150 - 300,000 pistols were completed this way. Some partially finished post war models were also issued, and there was an attempt to produce the gun after the war, but without success.

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