Original Rare German WWII Cased NSDAP Party 25 Year First Class Long Service Award by E. Ferd Wiedmann with Women's Neck Ribbon

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Original Item: Only One Available. The NSDAP Party Long Service Award (Die Dienstauszeichnung der NSDAP) was a political award in the form of a badge awarded during the Third Reich era. The award was given in three grades of ten years, fifteen years, and twenty-five years of service. On its reverse side, each award had emblazoned the inscription, in German: Treue für Führer und Volk (Loyalty to Leader and People). The service award was a four-pointed cross (Ordenskreuz) cross with slightly curved arms. In the center of the cross is the national eagle with an oakleaves wreath. Between the arms were rays, which was suspended from a 30mm ribbon. On 2 April 1939, AH ordered its institution for male and female members of the NSDAP who met certain qualifications. The award was first given out on 30 January 1940.

This is a very nice cased example of the First Class award, for 25 years of service to the NSDAP. It is gold washed with white enamel on the arms of the four-pointed cross and for the center section inside of the oak leaf wreath. It is maker marked on the hanger ring with miniscule Präsidialkanzlei des Führers Lieferant (Presidential Chancellery Supplier) number 19 for E. Ferd Wiedmann of Frankfurt am Main. This is a known maker of this rare award during the WWII period, and many other examples have been seen. We have compared the maker mark to other known examples, and it is the correct font and size.

It comes complete with both the standard shorter ribbon, as well as the long neck ribbon for women, who could wear the award as a neck order. These awards are very rarely, particularly when they come with the women's neck order ribbon. The award is in great shape, with the gold wash and enamel almost completely retained, and the ribbons in great shape.

The included box has the correct red leatherette cover with a gold Reichsadler eagle in the middle. The hinge and front latch are both fully functional, and it fits the award well. Overall condition is very good.

A great cased example of an extremely rare German WWII NSDAP award by a known maker, complete with a rare women's neck ribbon. Ready to add to your collection and display!

Despite the fact that the entire NSDAP movement lasted a little over 25 years (1920-1945), the awards were made well before the stated years of actual service were completed. This was because the period between 1925 and 1933 was known by the part as the Kampfzeit ("Time of Struggle"). The service time for the award was counted double from February 1925 through January 1933. Service in any Party organization or formation counted. The time of service had to be unbroken, with exceptions for:

- Compulsory military service, not to exceed two years time.
- Military service against the Republican Government in the Spanish Civil War (1936 to 1939).
- German military service after September 1939

Ten year award
The ten year service award was the 3rd class award. It was a bronze medal which measured 43mm and was suspended from a 30mm dark brown ribbon with two narrow white side stripes. The reverse side inscription was done in raised lettering.

Fifteen year award
It had the same design as the 3rd class award, but for cast being plated in silver, with dark blue enamel on the arms of the four-pointed cross and for the center section inside of the oak leaf wreath. The reverse side inscription was blue enamel with silver lettering. The 30mm ribbon was blue with two narrow silver-gray side stripes.

Twenty-five year award
The twenty-five year service medal was the first class award. It was of the same design as the 2nd class award, but gold plate replaced the silver plate with white enamel on the arms of the four-pointed cross and for the center section inside of the oak leaf wreath. The reverse side inscription was white enamel with gold lettering. The ribbon was 30mm and in red with the edge stripes being white and having a small gold centre stripe. This grade was on occasion awarded posthumously.

When one of these awards were given to a man, it was worn on the left breast pocket medal bar. Women recipients wore the award as a neck order or a brooch medal suspended from a 15mm ribbon. On the small ribbon bar the ribbon had a small national eagle within a wreath on the proper color of the specific class. All three classes of this award were allowed to be worn at the same time.

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