Original Rare Bavarian M-1869 Werder Single Shot "Bavarian Lightning" Pistol in 11.5mm - Serial 59

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Original Item: One only. These pistols are really like hen's teeth: so very hard to find. This is the first example we have ever encountered! Introduced April 18th 1869 and adopted as the Model 1869. Designed by JOHANN LUDWIG WERDER based on the Peabody and Martini Henry, the action of this rifle is truly fascinating.

Equipped with "Opposed" triggers and a cocking lever mounted above the action. The forward "backward" trigger lowers the sloping block like any Martini system. The Cocking lever, mounted in a block above the receiver to the rear cocks the Rifle and the standard trigger discharges the cartridge. In fact an extremely rapid process so much so that this rifle became known as the BAVARIAN LIGHTNING pistol.

Bavaria had allied itself to Austria in the 1866 European war against Prussia but had then allied itself to Prussia for the 1870 Franco-Prussian War. After France's swift defeat there followed the Confederation of German States in 1871, which under Bismarck ruled that all States should standardize on to ammunition used by the Prussians. This pistol then faded away after a very short service life. It had not been used much previously due to the heavy weight, and very large size. It also was already outdated, as cartridge revolvers were already in service when it was first developed.

Our example is Serial Number 59, which is stamped on most components of the pistol, even under the wooden grips. It is in a splendid matured condition still with an excellent bore. It operates perfectly and even comes with an EMPTY SHELL to demonstrate the amazing ejecting process. This empty shell is actually a necked-down .45-70 round modified to illustrate this demonstration, but it ejects very nicely.

This is Ultra Rare, as even the Rifles are uncommon, but the pistols even more so. In a Collector's desired condition this is ready to display!


Year of Manufacture: c.1870
Caliber: 11.5mm Werder
Cartridge Type: Center Fire Cartridge
Barrel Length: 8 Inches

Overall Length: 15 Inches
Action type:  Modified Falling-Block
Feed System: Single Shot

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