Original Rare Austro-Hungarian WWI M18 "Hungarian" Helmet by Berndorfer - Size 64

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is a Genuine WWI Austro-Hungarian Model 1918 helmet with original Olive Green / Brown "Isonzo braun" paint. These helmets are somewhat rare, and are often known as the "Hungarian" model, as they were not widely distributed during the war. Unlike the Model 1917 Austro-Hungarian helmet, the M18 had the chin strap loops as part of the liner band itself, and a canvas chinstrap, as opposed to leather. Aside from that, they conformed to the German M16 type.

The rear of the helmet skirt is marked with a "Bear" logo over 64, indicating manufacture by Berndorfer Metal-Warenfabrik A Krupp AG in Berndorf, Austria in size 64. This is the only factory that manufactured the M18 "Hungarian" model helmets. Size 64 is a nice medium size that would usually accommodate size 56 to 58 hat sizes, which is 7 to 7 1/4 in U.S. sizes. The top of the shell is marked on the inside with a B for the Bleckmann rolling mill. The helmet still has the correct "stepped" vent hole lugs, for attachment of a "stirnpanzer" helmet plate.

The helmet still retains the original leather three panel liner, though it has suffered damage over the years. Two of the panels are missing one of their "fingers", which appear to have been cut off for some reason. The pouches for padding on the back of the panels are intact, but empty, and the original top tie is missing. The leather definitely shows wear from use. The chinstrap is unfortunately completely missing, which is common due to the canvas degrading.

This is a very nice example of a rare helmet, one of the first that we have been able to offer. Ready to fill a spot in your helmet collection!

The Central Powers of Austria-Hungary used, manufactured and commissioned, variations of the World War One German Stahlhelm M16 design. The Austrian M1917 helmet was similar to the German M1916, but had a few variations including the chinstrap, chinstrap rivets located higher up on the steel shell and variations in locations of markings among others.

Early Austrian helmets were supplied by Germany, the first shells supplied as the chinstrap rivets were mounted in a lower position. The Austrians fitted their own chinstrap bales, chinstraps and liner and painted them in Austrian Isonzo braun. These modifications were carried out with German machinery at the"Adolf Westen di Cilli factory, which is now Celije, in Slovenia.

Later Austria-Hungary made their own helmets, and eventually developed a model similar to the German M18, but it did not see wide use before the end of the war, just as with German's M18. Both were an an important stepping stone towards the German helmets of WWII, which moved to chin straps attached to the liner, not the shell.

Austro-Hungarian WWI Helmets Makers-

There are only 9 known factories that produced helmets during WWI for the KUK. Unlike the Germans the Austrian pattern helmet are often found without factory stamps and heating lot codes. When the heating lot codes are present it is often on the outer top dome of the helmet instead of the inside. The following is a table of Manufactures codes of helmets produced by the Austrians. Several of these makers did not stamp the code into the shell of the helmet but rather marked them with an ink stamp. Therefore many Austrian shells will be encountered today that seem to have no maker mark as the ink stamp has worn off, but most will have rolling mill codes.

Maker Name Factory Location Maker code Sizes Model

A. Westen Cilli Celie, Slovenia AW 64 M17

Brüder Gottlieb u. Brauchbar Brunn BGB 66 M17

C. A. Scholtz,Mateocz Sloeakei CAS 66 M17

Berndorfer Metal-Warenfabrik Berndorf, Austria "Bear" logo 66,64

Bruder Lapp, Rottenman u. Warcholowsky Unknown ? M17

Nadrag,Transilvania Transylvania Unknown ? M17

Resicka, Transylvania Transylvania Unknown ? M17

Bleckmann & Poldihutte Klando Boemia Unknown x Stirnpanzer

Gebruder Bohler & Co., Kapfen Austria, Stiria GB "Star" 66 M17

Rolling Mills Marker Code

Ludwikow L

Bleckmann B

Poldi P

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