Original Rare Austrian inert Greek Contract Type HdGr-73 Plastic Fragmentation Hand Grenade by Elviemek

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a rare example of a Greek Contract Austrian Grenade, known as the Arges Type HdGr-73 fragmentation grenade. The grenade was manufactured by Elviemek, a major Greek producer of explosives founded in 1960, as indicated on the body. The company has been known internationally, mainly for its grenades and mines. It's worth noting that this grenade is completely empty and without any explosive content, and the fuse has been removed, making it a valuable BATF compliant example.

Unloaded or dummy grenades, artillery shell casings, and similar devices, which are cut or drilled in an BATF-approved manner so that they cannot be used as ammunition components for destructive devices, are not considered NFA weapons. This example is in total compliance and is NOT AVAILABLE FOR EXPORT.

The grenade has an oval shaped body surrounded by a plastic shell. On the inner surface, there are approximately 2600 steel balls with a diameter of 2.5 mm each, which are imbedded into the inner wall lining. Originally the grenade would have contained the explosive matter PETN (plasticized pentaerythritol tetranitrate). The casualty radius of the entire dispersion and therefore the lethal range are 18–20 m.

Both the body of the grenade and the top of the spoon are marked with “ARGES”. During the second half of the 20th century, the company ARGES of Austria led the world in new and innovative designs for plastic bodied hand grenades. This example is the HandGranate Type 73 (HdGr73) Defensive fragmentation hand grenade. The body is plastic, and as a "defensive" hand grenade, the inside is filled with tiny metal pellets embedded in the plastic fragmentation layer inside. It was designed for a large spread of shrapnel, inflicting heavy damage on the opposing side. The Type HdGr73 was later superseded by the HG78 and HG84.

The grenade is in excellent condition, with the 039/82 U/P fuze and green ribbed body in like-new condition. Comes complete with the pull ring, and red ring on the top. A great opportunity to pick up a very hard to find grenade!

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