Original Prussian Napoleonic Potsdam Percussion Conversion Jaeger Rifle with Set Trigger - Regimentally Marked

Item Description

Original Item: Only one available. The German JAEGER Rifle was really the forerunner to the British BAKER Rifle. First seen in the Revolutionary War, these deadly accurate heavily rifled flintlocks were the scourge of the battle field. The British adopted the Baker rifle in flintlock in 1800, after having seen the effects that trained marksmen could cause.

This example of the German Jaeger was issued by the kingdom of Prussia during the Napoleonic Wars in Flintlock but was later converted to the Percussion cap system. Interestingly, the frizzen was converted to a cap protector, as this lock does not have a half cock position. It also has double triggers, as the rear trigger is an adjustable "set trigger", which when used results in an extremely sensitive hammer. Just the lightest touch will fire the rifle, definitely a plus for a marksman or "hunter".

Our Rifle is marked POTSDAM on the lock plate and also bear REGIMENTAL markings on both the brass butt plate and the rear end of the barrel tang of 4C. 46.. Complete with wood sliding top patch box, all brass mounts together with original sling swivels intact.

Fully cleaned and ready to display, this may very well have arrived in the United States for use in the Civil War. A beauty.


Year of Manufacture: circa 1810
Caliber: .63 inches
Ammunition Type:  Lead Ball & Powder with Percussion Cap
Barrel Length: 28 inches

Overall Length: 44 inches
Action: Percussion Lock with Set Trigger
Feed System: Muzzle-Loaded

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