Original Prussian Dreyse M-1860 Brass Hilted Fusilier Bayonet by Gebrüder Weyersberg

Item Description

Original item: One Only. This is an Exceptionally RARE Prussian Bayonet with scabbard, made for the M-1860 Dreyse Needlefire Fusilier Rifle. The Zündnadelgewehr (ignition needle rifle) was the invention of Johann Nicolaus von Dreyse, a German gunsmith from the Prussian region. This design was the first breech loading fiream design to use bolt-action to open and close the chamber. The design was use during the middle portion of the 19th century, when the M1860 Dreyse Fusilier model was put into service.

This bayonet for the Füs.s M1860 is in exceptional condition, and features a "quill back" blade almost 20 inches long. Overall length of the bayonet is 25 inches, and it comes complete with its matching brass-mounted leather scabbard. This particular model was only made in 1861-1862, and is indeed marked with CROWN W over 62, which is itself over a crown "p". These same markings are found on the reverse hooked quillon. The W is the mark of King Wilhelm I, the King of Prussia, who would in 1871 become the first Deutscher Kaiser (German Emperor). There are various other proofs and regimental markings on the scabbard and hilt, including matching E.C. 123 on the scabbard and cross guard. However, the most interesting marking is the Maker's mark of G.WB in a Circle on the blade.

This is the logo of Gebrüder Weyersberg, Waffenfabrik, which from 1859 onward operated a factory on Hochstrasse in the Ohligs area of the City of Solingen. Called "The City of Blades", Solingen is a world-renowned edged weapon area, with a history dating back to the middle ages. The Weyersberg family itself had a history of swordmaking going back at least 6 generations. The company had numerous contacts and customers in Europe, and supplied weapons to Napoleon's army, as well as to the Prussian and Russian armies during the 19th century.

The sudden death of Hermann Weyersberg in 1883 caused a management issue, and the manufacturing portion of the company was amalgamated with W.R. Kirschbaum to form the well-known firm of Weyersberg, Kirschbaum & Co. As part of this agreement the sales and trading portion of Weyersberg continued under numerous brand names.

This is a truly great collector's opportunity to purchase an excellent condition rare bayonet made by a well-known maker in the most famous edged weapon making region of Germany. For more information please see Watts & White's fine work THE BAYONET BOOK, Page 110, Item 238.

Ready to research and display!

Blade Length: 20"
Blade Style: Single Edge Sword with "Quill Back"
Overall length: 25"
Crossguard: 4 1/2"
Scabbard: 21"

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