Original Prussian Helmet and Cuirass of the Garde Du Corps- Circa 1871

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Raised in 1740 for the Prussian King Frederick the Great, the "Garde du Corps" Regiment was the bodyguard of the King of Prussia and later the Kaiser of the German Empire. Our example is circa 1900 to 1914 and consists of full Cuirass, (front and back plates), together with Crowned silver Eagle topped bronze (Tombac) helmet.

Used by the personal Guard of Kaiser Wilhelm up until the start of World War One, these are some of the most remarkable armor sets ever produced. This is an Officer's Set with enameled helmet plate and the cuirass bearing a silver plated copper central stand of arms chest badge surrounding a red central oval picked out in gold "F R" for Frederick the Great who raised the Regiment in 1740.

The helmet is made of a brass/copper alloy called "Tombac" with silvered and gilt fittings. The spread eagle silvered crest wears a gilt crown. The Cuirass is steel with brass facings and is fitted with ornate shoulder straps. This armor was normally worn over a white Officers Tunic (not included).

Often seen in pre WW1 photographs of Kaiser Wilhelm, the Gardes du Corps Officers and other ranks never left the Kaiser's side.

A most attractive set ready to display.

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