Original Prussian Brass Mounted Flintlock Full Stocked Jäger Rifle with Set Trigger & Gold Inlay on Barrel - circa 1780

Item Description

Original Item: One of a Kind. This is a fantastic Prussian Brass Mounted Jäger (Hunter) Rifle, which features some lovely appointments. It measures just over 40 inches in overall length, and has a lovely Octagonal Barrel of 25" of approximately .55 Caliber, with deep 7 groove rifling. There is some GOLD INLAY decoration, including Adam in scroll script on the top facet of the barrel. There is also a lovely oak leaf inlay around the breech of the barrel, and another inlay at the muzzle.

The lock plate is covered in engraving, with some foliage and flowers on the tail, and what look to possibly be mountains or trees in the center. There is also an engraving on the bottom that looks to read "in Feldof" or something similar in flowing script letters. It is somewhat worn so we unfortunately cannot read it accurately, but probably indicates where it was made.

The full length stock features a checkered wrist with SILVER Escutcheon engraved with the owners monogram. It is also fit with fancy brass mounts with carved wood trigger guard with very fine brass trigger guard bow with a central brass strap. It is in very good condition overall, with a lovely cheek piece on the left butt stock, and a gently worn finish

As with most fine European hunting rifles, this example is fitted with a "set trigger", where depressing the rear trigger first until it clicks and just touching the front trigger discharges the weapon, hopefully with great accuracy. It is fully functional at present, and is really close to a "hair trigger". It does have a half cock position, and can be fired at full cock with a strong trigger pull.

In very good condition, this is really a great looking example. We checked the bore, and it shows only light use, and is clean without any major oxidation. There is not any major damage or issues out of line with use and age. It still features the original brass mounted wooden ramrod under the stock, which has a fitting on the narrow end for a clearing worm.

A very fine high quality Flintlock Hunting Rifle dating to the last quarter of the 1700's. Ready to display!

Specifications :-

Year of Manufacture: circa 1780
Caliber:  about .55 inches
Ammunition Type: Ball & Powder
Barrel Length: 25 Inches

Overall Length: 40 1/4 Inches
Action type: Side action Flintlock
Feed System: Single Shot

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