Original Pre-WWII Polish M1930 Mauser Bayonet by RADOM with German Scabbard dated 1940

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Poland stands between Germany and Russia and has been one of the most over run countries in all of Europe. Throughout the ages foreign armies have marched across her bringing terrible destruction. Most notably the Mongols in the 16th though 17th centuries followed by just about everybody else in the 18th and 19th centuries. It was only after WWI that Poland as an independent country emerged once again.That didn't last long, in 1939 both the Germans and the Russians invaded and again Poland was subjugated until the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

This Polish bayonet dates from the 20 years Poland existed after the Treaty of Versailles in 1919 until AH's takeover in 1939. It fits the Polish Mauser Karabinek wz.29 (Kbk wz.29) rifle, based heavy on the the K98AZ German infantry rifle of the time. The bayonet was also essentially a modified copy of the K98 bayonet.

This example is marked F.B. / RADOM on the bayonet ricasso, for Fabryka Broni Radom (Weapons Factory Radom), the largest producer of arms in Poland. The reverse ricasso bears the Polish double headed eagle proof mark and the letters W.P. (Wojsko Polskie = Polish Army). This very rare example is fitted with a muzzle ring, which was only featured on the Pre-War M1930 version of the bayonet. Earlier and Mobilization issue bayonets had a cut off muzzle ring, similar to the German k98k bayonet. Additionally, many of the M1930 version were later modified by removing the ring.

The bayonet is not fitted with a flash guard and has a 9.85" blued blade with a fuller down each side, and has the original bolt retained wooden grips. The bayonet catch is functional, and overall it is in very good condition.

It comes with an original scabbard, however it is in fact a 1940-dated German k98K scabbard, which fits just fine due to the similarity in bayonet design. It is marked with three letter code clc over the date, for maker Richard Abr. Herder of Solingen, Germany, a known maker of edged weapons.

These bayonets and the Kbk wz.29 were used by the Polish Army in the defense of Poland during the September Campaign against German troops, using the similar Karabiner 98k. After the defeat of Poland, they were used by the guerrillas of the Polish Underground. Captured wz.29 rifles were also used by the Wehrmacht as the Gewehr 298 (p). Most likely this bayonet was captured, and lacking a scabbard, was given a k98k scabbard when being used during WWII.

Offered in overall excellent condition this a most desirable hard to find WWII era bayonet, with a German WWII scabbard.


Overall Length - 381mm

Blade Length - 248mm

Blade width - 24.6mm

Blade thickness - 5.5mm

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