Original Pre-WWI Imperial Russian Cavalry Shabraque Horse Saddlecloth

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Probably the ultimate HORSE BLANKET for the Military Collector, this is a Shabraque (Turkish: çaprak), a type of saddlecloth formerly used by European light cavalry. The shabraque was an accoutrement of the hussar cavalry, based on the Hungarian horsemen in Austrian service who were widely imitated in European armies in the 18th and 19th centuries. The shabraque was a large cloth which in its original form, covered the Hungarian-style saddle, and was itself surmounted by a sheep or goat's skin.

This fine example measures approximately 42 1/2" X 54". The fully lined the outer cover is Red with two white stripes, separated by black stripe around the entire border on all sides. In the TWO corners, most likely the rear side, there are two large printed Stars, similar to a helmet plate encircling a blue ring inside which is clearly the Imperial Russian Cypher of a Double headed spread eagle.

The Shabraque has a pair of "windows," through which straps would pass and two others on the center line either side of where the horse's saddle would sit. The blanket is fully lined on the other side with what very much reminds company director Christian Cranmer of the bed blankets he was issued as an eight year old in Boarding School in 1950's England.

The Collector from whom this came was most disappointed that it was not Polish as he had hoped, and could give a fig that it was Imperial Russian. There appears to be no moth amazingly but the red back ground has run into the white outer edge somewhat. Overall it is in remarkably good condition. All you need is the Horse!!! Ready to Display!

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