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Original Pre WWI Era Austro-Hungarian Imperial Dress Sword with Nickel Plated Blade & Scabbard by J. Peterlongo, Innsbruck

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is an exceptional piece of history! It's a rather rare, original Pre to Early World War One era Austrian-Hungarian Officer's Sword. The sword is adorned with a beautifully designed half-basket guard that features gilt finish over brass, adding to its elegance and charm. The guard is still intact, retaining its originality, and is a testament to the craftsmanship of the era. The buffer pad is cracked/torn but still present, which is a testament to its age and serves as a reminder of the sword's rich history. This sword is a true treasure and would make a valuable addition to any collection of historical artifacts.

This sword is truly a sight to behold. The Austro-Hungarian Empire double-headed eagle coat of arms on the guard bowl is a stunning display of craftsmanship. The wire wrapped grips have a unique texture that appears to be shark skin, and they are in excellent condition. The leather scabbard is still solid and has no visible stitching issues except for the last inch above the lower drag. The long locket / throat bears the Royal Monogram of Franz Joseph I of Austria, providing a fascinating historical connection to a bygone era. Despite being over a century old, the black gloss leather finish of the scabbard is still mostly present with cracking, crazing and a hard bend just above the drag.

The WWI nickel-plated blade is marked as being manufactured by J. Peterlongo of Innsbruck, and it still retains a nice finish. It has some minor cosmetic spots with some darkening in areas which can be seen in the photos. The blade is unsharpened, as is customary for dress swords. Overall, it is a beautiful sword that is a testament to the skill of its makers and the history it represents.

Overall length: 34”
Scabbard Length: 29.5”
Blade length: 29”
Hand guard: 5” width, 5 ½” length

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