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Original Pre-American Revolutionary War Scrimshaw Powder Horn Map

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Item Description

Original Item: One-of-a-kind. Measuring only 9.5 overall this small powder horn would have been used with the fine priming powder used in the flintlock ignition system of the mid 18th century trappers.

The horn is clearly of the period of the third quarter of the 1700s, we estimate between 1750 and 1775. The wooden end plug, under 2.5 in diameter, shows some period impressed initials W.A. and there is an iron staple attachment loop where the body belt thong was once attached. The "sharp end" is carved horn with a channel for the other end of the body belt thong to attach.

The central part of this small horn is fully scrimshawed in the most breathtaking fashion with several motifs most noticeably the map of eastern New York State and the Hudson River. It incorporates tremendous detail including place names such as New York, Albany, Fort George, Fort Ticonderoga, Fork Harkman as well as Lake Oneida and Lake Ontario. There are other scrimshawed sections showing a large bowl of flowers, a lady's head in profile (Queen Charlotte King George III's wife?), and a detailed small image of the Georgian Coat of Arms including the Lion and the Uniform. Additionally there are some Masonic markings of the all-seeing eye and compass all surrounded in the beautiful edging decoration. This is truly a piece of art.

We are believe that the horn itself dates from the 18th century, but we all know how these original map horns have been forged for many years. We have encountered masses of dreadful examples being offered as original and occasionally one gets to see an acknowledged original either from a prominent collection or in a museum.

This horn came to us as part of an old large private collection we purchased in England in 2014. It has no provenance that we have been able to discover. However, after careful consideration, we feel it is legitimate but without provenance we cannot ask $25,000 like ones that have passed through major auction houses have sold for. Therefore, it is reasonably priced and will make a wonderful research project for its next owner.

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